With Playground, parents are able to authorize any person as a guardian for their students, right from within the app. Guardians have varying levels of access based on whether they are considered a primary or secondary guardian. Once a guardian is authorized, they are able to pick up, drop off, and perform other actions based on their level of access. All guardians are able to create their own Playground account and link it to the corresponding students.

Note: If you are unable to add additional guardians to your family account, it may be that the center's administrator has disabled that capability. In most cases this is because the center will manage adding/removing guardians, so please get in contact with your administrator/director if this is the case.

Guardians can be added in two different ways, both of which generate a unique email containing a link to signup:

  1. Via school administrator – Request a signup link from your school's administrator to join the student's family.

  2. Via primary guardian – Request a signup link from another primary guardian of the student, once they've added you to the family account.

With both methods, the link you will be emailed is unique and should NOT be shared with anyone else.

This video shows how to add a new guardian, send them the email link, and edit/delete that guardian if needed:

To send another person a signup email as a primary guardian:

  • Go into the Playground mobile app, and navigate to your dashboard

  • From your dashboard, click the purple button that says "Manage Guardians"

  • Click the blue "Add a guardian" button at the bottom, and then fill in the guardians information. Email and phone number are highly recommended as emergency contact information.

  • Press "Done" in the top right when the form is filled out.

  • Finally, it will prompt you to send a sign-up email to the newly created guardian. If you plan on having this person pick up or drop off your child, we recommend sending the signup email so they can take advantage of all of the features Playground has to offer!

If you have any further questions or concerns, start a chat using the button in the bottom right corner or email us at [email protected].

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