If your school has wellness checks enabled, you will have to submit a wellness check on behalf of your child before checking them in every day. There are two ways you can complete your daily wellness check:

Completing wellness check from home

  • Tap the blue 'Wellness' tile to start the wellness check.

  • Answer the questions set by your center.

  • Submit your child's temperature if required by your center.

  • When your wellness check is complete, the blue wellness tile will confirm that you've submitted everything.

Completing wellness check at school

If you don't complete the wellness check at home prior to arriving at school, you will be prompted to submit one before check-in in your student.

Regardless of what check-in method you're using (QR code, PIN code, contactless signing, or using a teacher device), you will still be prompted to complete the wellness check before being able to sign for your child.

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