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How to lock a student from getting checked in
How to lock a student from getting checked in

What it means to lock a student, how to lock & unlock students, what it looks like for teachers, and more.

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What does it mean to lock a student?

Teachers and parents will be unable to check-in a locked student. This means that teachers will not be able to add the student to a car in the carline queue. The student's profile in the teacher app will display an alert that the student is currently locked.

A locked student will still be visible in the admin dashboard as well as the student roster in the teacher mobile app.

How to lock and unlock a student

Administrators can do this in the admin dashboard.

To lock a student:

  • Click on a student

  • Click 'Settings'

  • Toggle 'Lock student'

To unlock a student:

  • Click on the student

  • Click 'Settings'

  • Toggle 'Unlock student'

What this looks like for teachers

When a student is locked, teachers will see a message in that student's profile that they cannot be checked-in. The button to check-in the student will remain disabled. This is what it'll look like for teachers.

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