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How to enable, complete, and run reports on daily wellness checks
How to enable, complete, and run reports on daily wellness checks

Ensure your school's safety with daily health surveys for you and your staff members.

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Ensuring the safety of your center's teachers and students during the global pandemic is paramount. Playground's daily wellness checks are designed to help monitor whether your center's community members have been taking appropriate measures to minimize the risk of COVID-19 and comply with local regulations.

By default, we provide a set of questions guided by the CDC's recommendations. However, if you would like to customize your center's health check questions, please reach out to [email protected].

How to enable wellness checks

When health checks are enabled, a guardian must complete a health check for their student before they can be signed in on a given day. While wellness checks for teachers and guardians also exist, they are not mandatory; it is up to your center whether they use this feature.

To enable or disable wellness checks for everyone, on the Administrator Dashboard, use the "Settings" tab on the sidebar menu to navigate to the Settings page. Under the "General" tab, locate the "Wellness check enabled" setting and click on the toggle button to the right to enable or disable this setting. When the button is blue, that means check are enabled. If it's gray, checks are disabled.

How to view and complete teacher wellness checks

Teachers can complete their own daily health checks from the Teacher App; refer your staff to this article for instructions on how to do so.

On the Admin App, start on the Home screen and click on the menu icon in the top left corner. Click on "Staff Directory". You'll be brought to the Faculty screen, where your staff roster is listed. To the right of each name on the roster, you'll see a heart icon.

If the icon is gray, the staff member's wellness check is incomplete. If it is blue, the check is complete and passed—the person is not a risk. If it is red, the check is complete and failed. The person with the failed check would have immediately seen a screen, similar to the one on the right below, that contains instructions from the CDC on what actions to take.

In the example below, Sean Manimi has not completed a wellness check, Josh Andrews passed the wellness check, and Sarah Mascot failed the wellness check.

To complete a wellness check for a teacher, on the Faculty screen, tap the 3-dot menu next to their name. An options menu will appear; tap "Wellness Check" to begin the survey.

The screenshots below display Playground's default wellness check questions. The first three only require tapping "Yes" or "No." The last requires entering temperature information; when this information is entered, tap "Done."

You'll either receive the failed wellness check screen or be returned to the Faculty screen, where the teacher's icon will be updated in red or blue.

How to generate a health check report

On the Administrator Dashboard, navigate to the Reports page via the "Reports" tab on the sidebar menu. Then click on the "Wellness" tile.

You'll be brought to the Wellness Reports page. Use the fields at the top of the page to select report type, start and end date, and which group you would like to generate a report for (all data, guardians, staff, or students). Then click the blue "Generate Report" button on the right.

Your report will appear below the report fields. You can export a CSV file or download a printable PDF of the report using the buttons on the upper right of the generated report.

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