Kiosk mode

Open your QR code for families to check students in and out.

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From the center's device, log in as an Admin or Teacher into the Playground app. Tap "Kiosk" at the top of the screen. The QR code will show up and is ready to be scanned. QR codes are center-wide and never have to be updated so parents from the entire center can use this.

It is recommended to lock the QR code screen so no one can navigate to any other parts of the Admin app. Tap "Lock" in the upper right hand corner and enter your center's four digit pin (found in the Settings of the Admin Dashboard). Do not share this code with non staff members. You will then be returned to the Kiosk Mode screen and see "Unlock" in the upper right confirming it is locked. Tap "Lock" and re-enter the school PIN code to return to the Home screen.

View how check in and out looks from the parent-side HERE.

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