This article details how to add students in a batch by roster. If this is your center's first time using Playground, uploading your student rosters is part of our complimentary onboarding service.

How to upload a roster to bulk add students

Whether your center is new to using Playground or you want to batch add students for a new session, use the following steps to add multiple students at once to your center's Playground database.

Start on the "Students" tab under "My School" on the Administrator Dashboard. Click on the blue "Add Students" button on the right side of the page to open a dropdown menu and then click "Upload multiple students via roster."

You'll be brought to the Upload School Roster page. Click the upload icon in the gray box to open your computer's document selection pop-up and select the CSV file of your roster.

To ensure your CSV file is formatted correctly, you can download our sample roster by clicking on phrase "download our sample roster." If you're having any trouble uploading your roster, feel free to send your roster and school name to [email protected], and we can upload your roster for you.

Once your roster has been successfully uploaded, click "Continue" on the bottom right.

You've be brought to the Review Changes page, where you can verify that your roster has been processed correctly. If you're happy with how your roster's information has been uploaded, click "Continue." You'll be returned to your school's page on the Administrator Dashboard and receive a notification that your students are being imported into your dashboard. This process can take up to five minutes.

What if my new roster includes a student who is already part of my center's database on an old roster?

Playground's system will automatically update the student's existing profile with the new roster information.

For example, say Johnny Roddon is a student in the Sharks class. However, when a new session starts in September, Johnny will now be in the Butterfly class. When you upload the Butterfly class's roster, Playground's system will recognize the email address of Johnny's guardian. Instead of creating a new Johnny Roddon profile, Playground will update Johnny's existing profile to list him as a member of the Butterfly class instead of the Sharks class.

How to add a single student to an existing or new family

Start on the "Students" tab under "My School" on the Administrator Dashboard. Click on the the "Add students" button to open a dropdown menu and then click the "Add single student" option.

The "Add Student" pop-up will appear. The new student's name and classroom are required. If you would like to add additional information to the new student's profile at this time, click "Additional information."

A dropdown with additional fields will open; fill as many fields as you would like.

Now you need to associate the new student with a guardian. If the student's guardian is already in your center's database, leave the box next to "This student's family already exists" checked and click into the "Find a guardian or family" field to search your guardian list. Select the appropriate guardian and then click the blue "Finish" button.

If the student does not yet have a guardian in your center's database, uncheck the box next to "This student's family already exists." New fields for guardian information will appear; the guardian's name, relationship, and email are required. When the information for the new student and their guardian are completed to your satisfaction, click the blue "Finish" button to save and exit the pop-up.

A green notification will appear to confirm the new student's profile has been created.

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