Playground’s chat allows you as a teacher (or administrator) to directly message anyone in the school - both parents and staff. You can message a parent individually or you can create a group chat with your entire class. You can share photos, videos, and updates in real-time through Playground’s messenger.

Note: Administrators have the ability to select a view showing their own chats or all chats when logged into the app. There are two Settings for chat that can be disabled in the Administrator Dashboard:

  1. Staff-guardian chat - Both administrators and teachers can start chats with guardians

  2. Direct messaging - Parents and staff will be able to use the chat feature

Message a person individually

Tap the chat icon in the top right of the Home screen and then the new message icon also in the top right of the Chat screen. Then, begin typing the person's name. select it from the list, and then press "chat" (if a person is both a parent and a staff member you will get two results with one listed as "Teacher" to ensure it's sent to the correct account). Compose your message and then send by tapping the blue arrow icon to the right.

Create a group chat

Follow the same instructions as sending a message to an individual, but simply add more people using the search button. Once the group chat has been started, you can tap the blue i icon in the upper right corner to set a "Group name," add more group members, or leave the conversation.

Removing someone from a group chat

Teachers and administrators can remove a parent/guardian from a group chat by tapping the blue "i" icon, tapping the person's name, and then selecting "Remote from chat." It is only possible to remove parents/guardians from chats, otherwise you will want to start a new chat with the teacher or administrator removed.

Sending photos or videos

Inside of the Chat screen, tapping the blue plus sign icon in the lower-left corner gives the option to take a photo or video or select a photo or video from your library. You may have to grant access permissions the first time these are used.

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