We at Playground understand how important it is for parents, teachers, and administrators to stay in touch–especially during the pandemic. That's why we built Timelines, a single place for posts, photos, videos, and collaboration.

How it works:

Every classroom gets its own timeline for teachers and parents to follow. Teachers can post announcements, photos, and videos onto their classroom timeline for parents to view By default, all parents are automatically subscribed to each of their students' classroom timelines.

Teachers can also tag students in photos and videos, which automatically adds those photos and videos to that student's personalized Family Timeline. Every family has one timeline for all of their students, so all of the photos of their kids are in one place. As a parent, you can also tag your student in photos from the classroom timeline, which will then show up on your own family's timeline.

To enable timelines in your center as an administrator:

  1. Navigate to our Administrator Dashboard and sign in to your center

  2. Go to the "Settings" tab on the bottom left, and click on the toggle for the timelines feature. The timelines feature will then be enabled in the mobile app for parents and staff.

For more about Timelines, check out the articles linked below.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to us on our live chat in the bottom right corner.

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