Using a payment plan allows you to automate weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly invoices to your center's parents. It's important to note that payment plans determine when an invoice amount is added to a family balance; to decide when families' payments are due, see the "Getting Started" section of this Payments overview article.

Video walkthrough on creating a payment plan

How to create a payment plan

On the Administrator Dashboard, navigate to the Overview or Invoices pages under the "Payments" section. Click the "Create Charge" button on the upper right of the screen.

You'll be brought to the Add Students page that displays a table with your center's student roster. You can filter this roster by class using the drop-down menu on the upper right corner of the table or search by student name. When you find the student(s) you would like to create a charge for, check the box next to their name. As you add names, they will appear in the column to the righthand side of the screen under "Invoice Summary." When you're done adding students, click "Continue" below the student roster table on the right.

You'll be brought to the Add Charges page, where you can add charges to this one-time invoice. On the left of the "Charges" table, click the "Select Item" dropdown menu to either create a new charge or select from the types of charges you've made in the past. All of the fields must be filled before you can click "Add item" to the right of the item in the table. Clicking "Add item" officially adds the charge to this invoice—you will see it appear under the "Invoice Summary" on the far right of the screen.

The "Rate" field can also function as a multiplication or division calculator; simply type your equation and then click out of the field. For example, if you charge $325 a month for a service and want to charge for six months, in the "Rate" field, you would enter 325*6. Click out of the field, and the value in the field will automatically become $1,950. (Use the * symbol for multiplication and / for division.)

Now, to turn the invoice into a payment plan instead of a one-time charge, check the box next to "Payment plan." Choose the number of installments, the frequency of invoices, and the date that the first invoice of this plan will be added to the student's balance. As you change these settings, you'll see those changes reflected in the "Invoice Summary."

In the example here, the administrator wants to charge the selected students once a month for a three-month-long summer camp that costs $500 a month. The cost of all three months—$1,500—is what the administrator enters in the rate for the "Summer camp tuition" charge. In the "Payment plan" settings, the administrator selects three installments at a monthly frequency. Then, on the far right, the cost of a single installment is displayed—for this example, the correct $500. When your invoice is customized to your liking, click "Continue" on the bottom right of the page.

On the Review Invoices page, you have the chance to review an installment invoice as it will appear to parents. If you need to make a change, click the "Back" button the bottom left of the screen; if no changes are necessary, click the "Create Charges" bottom on the right.

You'll be returned to the Payments Overview page on the Administrator Dashboard and receive a notification that the charge has been made. Remember that these payment plan installments will be invoiced to a student's balance; payment due dates are based on the billing cycle settings you've chosen for your center.

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