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How to edit a one-time charge
How to edit a one-time charge

A guide to editing a one-time charge that has been invoiced to a student.

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Edit a one-time charge

To edit a one-time charge, navigate to the profile of the student whose invoice you want to alter. You can start by navigating directly to the student's profile in your Students tab under My School, or you can start on Statements tab under the Billing. For the Statements tab, use the search bar to find the student's name, click their three-dot icon on the far right of the table to open the drop-down menu, and then click "View". This will take you straight to the Payments tab on the student's profile page.

On the student's profile, find the charge you want to edit and click the ellipsis(. . .) next to the entry. A drop-down menu will open; click "Edit".

The Edit transaction window will appear with options to edit the:

  1. Item amount - the amount the charge will be totaling

  2. Invoice date - the date the charge will be added to the student's balance

  3. Due date - the date the charge will be due

  4. Item description - a description of the charge (optional)

  5. Discount name, amount, and description - add a discount to the charge (optional)

  6. Accounting code - (optional)

  7. Service start and end dates - the dates the charge will reflect on the statement (optional)

When you're done making changes, click "Save" to save your changes and exit the pop-up.

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