Once a payment plan has been created, it's easy to make changes to each installment, allowing for flexibility when it comes to student absences, unique discounts, or fixing human errors. The following guide explains how to edit an existing payment plan; to create a new payment plan, refer to this article, and to edit a one-time charge, refer to this article.

How to edit a payment plan

On the Administrator Dashboard, navigate to the Students page under the "My School" section. Click on the name of the student whose invoice you want to edit. You can filter your student list by class using the drop-down menu on the upper right of the table.

On the student's profile page, navigate to the "Payments" tab and then the "Debits" tab under "Payments." Find the charge that you wish to edit and then click anywhere along its row in the table to open its installment details.

A dropdown will appear with the details of each installment, from the debit and credit amount to the "due date" (the date that the invoice is applied to the student's balance). Click the blue "Edit" next to the date of the installment you wish to edit.

A pop-up will appear with options to edit the item name, rate, quantity, discount, due date, and description. Make any necessary changes and then click "Save" to save your changes and exit the pop-up.

In this example, the administrator has applied a $250 discount to the student's July invoice.

You'll be returned to the "Payments" tab on the student's profile page, where you'll now see the changes you've made reflected in the installment details dropdown of the charge. In this example, the July installment now shows a $250 discount, making the total amount invoiced $250.

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