This article will cover several methods to fix an incorrect charge that has been invoiced to a student's balance. While we provide some examples for when to use which method, the best way to fix an error in invoicing ultimately depends on your center's needs.

How to edit a one-time charge or payment plan

If you would like your charge to still be invoiced to a student's balance but need to fix a detail or two, editing the existing invoice is the simplest way to make a change. Refer to one of the following Help Center articles:

How to apply a discount

By applying a discount to an invoice that charged a student balance too much, your center and the student's parents can see a record of that specific invoicing error being corrected.

You can apply a discount to a one-time charge or a payment plan; note that a payment plan can only be changed one installment at a time after being invoiced. Refer to the following Help Center article:

  • How to apply or edit a discount (coming soon!)

How to apply a credit

By applying a credit, you directly change a student's total outstanding balance. If you would like to specify which invoice the credit is correcting, you can include a note in the description of the credit.

To learn how to apply a credit to a student's balance, refer to the following Help Center article:

  • How to apply a credit (coming soon!)

Can I delete a one-time charge or payment plan?

When a one-time charge or payment plan has been deleted, it is no longer visible to administrators or parents. For this reason, we encourage one of the above three methods to fixing an incorrect charge. The above methods allow both you and your parents to see a record of which charges were fixed, when they were fixed, and how they were fixed.

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