This article details how to apply a discount while creating a one-time charge or a payment plan. For a guide to editing or adding a discount to an existing one-time charge or payment plan, refer to this article (coming soon!).

How to apply a discount when creating a charge or payment plan

Each time you add an item to an invoice—whether you've just created the item or chose one from your templates—you have the option to add a discount to the item before you click the "Add item" button on the right to officially add that charge to the invoice.

If you are creating a new item with this charge, the template will be saved without the discount.

How to apply a discount to a one-time charge

When applying a discount to a one-time charge, on the Add Charges page, input the amount you would like to discount from the item rate in the discount field. Our system will do the math for you, showing you the invoice amount under the "Total" column.

When you click "Add item" at the end of the row to officially add the charge to the invoice, the discount is also noted in the "Invoice Summary" on the right of the page. Click the "Continue" button on the bottom right to then review the invoice as it will appear to parents.

As the screenshot below shows, any discounts you apply to a charge appear under the "Credit" column on the invoice sent to parents. When you're happy with your invoice, click the "Create Charges" button on the bottom right of the screen to create the charge.

How to apply a discount to a payment plan

You can also apply a recurring monthly discount using a payment plan. On the Add Charges page, check the "Payment plan" box and choose the number of installments, frequency, and invoice due date of the plan. In the example below, the student's balance will be charged $500 once a month for three months. However, the administrator wants to apply a $50/month discount to the plan. The administrator can either enter $150 in the discount field, or have our system do the math by entering 50*3, as demonstrated below.

When the administrator clicks out of the discount field, 50*3 automatically converts to $150.

Then, after the administrator clicks the "Add item" button to the right of the item details, the "Installment invoice amount" will update to reflect the monthly discount. Similarly, the "Invoice Summary" on the righthand side of the page will update to reflect the discount on the total charge. Click "Continue" on the bottom right to proceed to the Review Invoices page.

Here, you can review what a monthly invoice will look like to parents. The monthly discount will appear under the "Credit" column on the invoice. When you're happy with how the invoice looks, click the "Create charges" button.

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