Playground's feed feature, similar Facebook feeds, is a place where you can record and share invaluable memories as they are made. As a teacher, you can post to the feed. The feed is visible to center's administrators, other teachers associated with that class, and the parents and guardians of the class's students.

How to create a Timeline post

Start on the Home screen of the Teacher App and click the "New Post" icon in the upper right corner. Then select the icon for the activity or announcement you'd like to record and click "Next". The Recipients screen will appear. To find a student, you can scroll through the full directory, search by name using the search bar at the top of the screen, or tap the "Classes" drop-down to select a specific classroom. When you find a student for whom you would like to record an activity or announcement, tap the check mark to the right of their name; when selected, the check mark will turn blue. When you are done selecting names, tap the "Next" button on the top right of the screen.

You'll be brought to the Create Post screen, where you can enter any combination of text, photos, or videos. Tap "Write something…" to bring up your device's keyboard and enter text.

To select media, either tap the green image icon in the lower left corner to open your device's Media Library, or tap the purple camera icon in the lower left corner to open your device's camera. You can add as many photos or videos as you'd like. (You'll need to give the app permission to access your camera and/or media library.)

When you're happy with your post, tap "Post" on the upper right of the New Post screen. You'll be returned to the class's timeline, with your post at the top of the timeline.

How to delete a Timeline post

Find the post you would like to delete and tap the 3-dot menu to the right of that post. An options menu will appear with the choice to "Delete post".

Once a post has been deleted, it cannot be recovered.

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