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How to complete a teacher wellness check
How to complete a teacher wellness check

A guide to completing your own health check on the Teacher App.

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Ensuring the safety of your center's teachers and students during the global pandemic is paramount. Playground's daily health checks are designed to help monitor whether your center's community members have been taking appropriate measures to minimize the risk of COVID-19 and comply with local regulations.

How to complete a health check on the Teacher App

On the Teacher App, start on the Home screen. If you have not completed your Wellness Check for the day, you will see a pinned post in yellow at the top of your feed that states "Incomplete wellness check". Click on "Tap here to complete it." in order to complete the wellness check.

Playground's default health check questions are guided by the CDC's recommendations. Tap "Yes" or "No" to continue to the next question. The last default question requires entering temperature information; when this information is entered, tap "Done."

You'll either be returned to the Home screen, with a "Wellness" item added to the feed or a failed health check screen with instructions from the CDC on what actions to take.

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