Note: While kiosk mode is set up through the Teacher App, there are a few functions that are only accessible through the Administrator Dashboard.

Using kiosk mode allows parents to self sign in and out their children without using their phone. All you need is a designated device with the Teacher App downloaded and set to kiosk mode. This article walks through how to set up the 4-digit PIN code kiosk mode; for QR code mode, refer to this article.

How to set up 4-digit PIN self sign-in/out

On the device you would like to turn into a sign-in/out kiosk—this can be a phone or a tablet—login to the Teacher App. On the Dashboard screen, scroll to and tap on the "Kiosk Mode" tile. An options menu will appear; tap on "PIN Code" to reach the Enter Kiosk Mode screen.

On this screen, enter your school's 4-digit PIN code to enter kiosk mode. You can find your school's PIN code on the Administrator Dashboard under the "General" tab of "Settings." Click on the eye icon to the right of "School PIN Code" to reveal the 4-digit code.

Once you've entered your school's PIN code, you'll be brought to the Check-in Kiosk screen and receive a notification that kiosk mode has been enabled. Parents can now enter their family's unique PIN code to sign in/out their student(s). Your device will be locked in kiosk mode so parents cannot access the rest of the Teacher App from that device.

When you're ready to exit kiosk mode, tap "Exit" on the upper left of the screen to reach the Exit Kiosk Mode screen. Enter your school's PIN to exit kiosk mode. You'll be returned to the Dashboard screen.

What if a parent or guardian has forgotten their family PIN code?

If a parent or guardian has forgotten their family PIN code, there are two ways to locate the code.

On the Parent App, have the parent start on the Home screen. Scroll down to and tap on the "My Account" tile to reach the My Account screen. Here, under the "Signing" section, tap on "View PIN code." A pop-up will appear and display the family PIN code.

You can also view a family's PIN code by student from the Administrator Dashboard. Navigate to the student's profile on the dashboard; then click on the "Settings" tab on their profile. To the right of "Signing PIN," click on the eye icon to reveal the 4-digit PIN code.

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