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How to switch students between classes on the Administrator app
How to switch students between classes on the Administrator app

A guide to switching students from one classroom to another on the Administrator app

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You can change the class a student belongs to both from the Administrator Dashboard and the Administrator app (logging into the Playground app with the administrator's email and password). To learn how to do this from the Administrator Dashboard, refer to this article.

How to switch a student between classes

On the Administrator app, start on the Home screen. Tap on the "Roster" tile to reach the Student Roster screen. Here, you can use the search bar and the filters to find the student whose classroom status you would like to change. When you find the student, tap on their name to reach their student profile.

On the student's profile, tap the three dots to the right of "Check-In". On this menu, click "Edit Profile". Under the student's name, select the drop-down menu to select a different class. Select the circle near the new classroom you'd like to move the student into and then click "Done" in the top right corner of your screen. You'll then be returned to the student's profile with their class updated under the "Class" section.

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