After requesting a document upload (article coming soon!) or sending a fillable document to parents (article coming soon!), you can view their completed documents through the Administrator Dashboard.

How to view completed documents

Start on the School Documents page under the "Documents" tab of the Administrator Dashboard. You'll see a table with all of your documents; click on the title of the document you wish to review.

You'll be brought to the document's page (in the example below, the Student About Me 1 page), where you can see the completion status and submission date of the document for each student. Once a document has been submitted, a blue "View" link will appear at the far right of the row. Click on "View" to open a web version of the PDF.

When viewing the PDF, you can use the preview bar on the lefthand side of the page to toggle between pages. You can also zoom in or out using the – and + signs at the top of the page. To download the document, click on the download icon on the upper right of the screen. When you're done viewing the document, close the tab to return to the previous page.

How to bulk download completed documents

To download PDFs of multiple completed documents at once, navigate to the page of the document you want—in the example below, the Student About Me 1 page—and then check the boxes next to the names of the students whose documents you wish to download. To check all of the students displayed in the table, click the check box in the title row of the table. If you want to filter by class, use the dropdown menu on the upper right of the table to select the class(es) you want to view.

Once you've selected the students you want, click on the gray "Download" in the title row of the table to download a ZIP file that contains the completed PDF documents of each checked student.

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