This article details how to create multiple accounts with a single email and how to switch between accounts while in the Playground App. There are a few scenarios where a user may have multiple accounts:

  • A user is both a parent and teacher at the same center

  • A user is a parent at two or more centers that use Playground

  • A user is a parent for two or more families at the same center

  • A user is a teacher at one center and a parent at another center using Playground

  • A user is a teacher at two or more centers that use Playground

(Previously, when using Playground with multiple schools, as a teacher and parent in the same school, or with students in different families at the same school, you had to use a different email address to create each separate account. As of July 12, 2021, you can now use multiple Playground accounts with a single email.)

If you currently have multiple accounts created with different emails, you can still use them as you were.

If you currently have multiple accounts with different emails, but you would like to switch to using one email, please reach out to [email protected] or click the live support icon for assistance.

How to create a Playground account

If you're creating a Playground account for the first time, you'll need to create an account password, which is not a step when creating another account. Refer to one of the following Help Center articles to learn how to set up this first account:

How to create additional Playground accounts

Similar to creating your first account, your second account can only be created through an activation link provided by your center (you can create a secondary account with a different email, but using the same email address is preferred).

In the example below, Ronald Martin is a teacher; however, Ronald's daughter Hilaria has just enrolled in the Rockets class, so he also needs a parent account.

Like any other parent, Ronald will receive a sign-up email as seen below. He clicks on the "Create Account" to reach an account activation form on his web browser.

The email field on the form will already be filled and is hidden; Ronald must complete the rest of the fields.

Once all fields are complete, clicking "Link account" will activate Ronald's second (parent) Playground account and link it to his teacher account.

Note: If you're signing up with a different email address, this form will look slightly different and the blue button will say "Create account" instead (the rest of the process will remain the same).

How to switch between accounts on the app

Now that Ronald has a second account connected to his email, he can switch accounts using the profile icon with his initials "RM" in a circle at the top of the Dashboard screen. Tapping this icon brings up the "Profile" options menu, where Ronald will tap on "Switch Accounts." He now sees an option for "Ivy Creek School: 1 Student" which is the parent account for his daughter Hilaria.

Selecting "Ivy Creek School: 1 student" brings Ronald to the Parent App. After selecting his name from the Guardians list pop-up, he'll land on the Home screen of the Parent App, confirmed with the blue box showing Hilaria's name and their Car 004 family number. On this screen, there's also a profile icon with his initials "RM" in a circle at the top of the Dashboard. Tapping this icon brings up the same "Profile Options" menu as before, allowing Ronald to switch between his teacher and parent accounts.

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