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Documents for parents on web

Complete a PDF document for your center on your computer.

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There are two ways to complete documents that your center has sent to you through Playground: on your web browser, or on the Parent App. This article explains the first way. To learn how to fill out a document on the Parent App, refer to THIS article.

When your center asks you to fill out a form, you'll receive an email that looks like the one below. Click on the "Fill out document" button to open the form on your web browser. You can also view all center's documents by logging into

You'll reach a page that displays your center's document as a web form with the fillable fields outlined in red. At the top of this screen, you'll see a count of "# fields remaining" (1). This number only includes required fields. To see whether a field is required or optional, hover your mouse over its red box; you must fill all required fields before you're able to click "Finish" to submit—the button will turn blue when this condition has been met.

To edit a field, simply click on it. For text-based fields, a blinking cursor will appear in the box; start typing to complete it (2). Clicking on a checkbox switches the box between being checked and unchecked (3). Clicking a dropdown will open the dropdown list, from which you can select one option (the options are predetermined by your center) (4). For a SIGNATURE field, click on the field to apply your e-signature (5).

When you click on a "SIGNATURE" field, if you don't already have an e-signature associated with your account, an "Adopt your signature" pop-up will appear. Read the conditions, then type your name in the "Name" field and click "Adopt signature" to save your e-signature and return to the document web form.

As seen in the screenshot below, the signature field now shows the parent's e-signature.

When you're done filling your form, the top of the form should read "0 fields remaining" and the "Finish" button will turn blue. Click this button to submit your form.

You'll be brought to the submission confirmation screen, as seen below. You can now close this tab on your web browser.

You can always review your submitted document answers through the "Documents" tile on the Parent App.

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