Playground's Enrollment creates a listing for your center where families go through the registration/application process online. First, you'll log in to the Administrator dashboard page and click "Enrollment" from the menu on the left.

Next, click the add listing button in the upper-right hand corner of the screen to start the listing wizard. Here you'll add the name of your center, create a 2-4 sentence description about the center (what kind of school, your program's focus, your learning philosophies, etc.), and more high-level details about the center.

Next, you'll begin the process of adding information about your center, programs, and required family information to create the listing.

For the daily hours and days of the week, use your regular schedule here and you can later add on before or after-hours scheduling by creating Programs. Capacity should reflect the number provided to your state licensing board.

You can optionally charge an application fee and under "Advanced Settings" set an accounting code. Playground will use the credit card processor integration to charge the family's card. If you choose not to charge a fee, set this value to $0.00.

Additionally, if you click the "Advanced Settings" menu an optional Accounting code can be set as well.

Your image will be what families see when the visit the Enrollment link you provide to them, so make it fun and representative of your center!

If you already have a Terms of Service document uploaded to a website, the link can optionally be copied here for families to review during the enrollment process.

For the last step on this page, you can choose the text for the listing button that starts the enrollment form process. It is optional and by default uses "Apply now" so if you change it, we recommend keeping it similarly short.

Then click "Continue."

Next, you'll create your attendance Plans which families will select during enrollment. There is no limit to the number of plans you can create. Each plan can have a unique name, description, price (with how frequently tuition is billed), and the option to set a specific Accounting code.

If you create a plan with fewer days than your standard schedule where families can choose their specific days, select the radio button for "Yes, select days" so families can specify which days will be attended. After you've created all of your plans, click the blue "Continue" button.

Here you'll create the Enrollment form which can replicate your existing paper form. By default, the form requires basic student information, the name of one guardian, and which days they will be attending (by default this will match the schedule you created in step 1, but can be changed if the "select days" option is turned on in step 2).

You can click the plus sign icon to add additional questions with options for short/long text, single choice, multiple-choice, and more with pre-built questions for additional guardians and emergency contact(s). When finished, click "Continue."

The last step is to review the enrollment data you've added and if correct, publish this page. The "Listing Preview" is what families will see prior to starting the enrollment process and you can also preview the enrollment form by clicking on that blue link. Should anything need to be edited, just click the "Back" button and if it's all correct, click the "Continue" button and it will publish after a few seconds.

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