Viewing current classroom ratios

How administrators can see their current classroom ratio numbers

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Administrators can quickly see their current classroom ratios using the web dashboard. This number is live and based on the number of currently clocked-in staff to checked-in students in a specific classroom. After logging into the dashboard, click "Classrooms" in the menu and you'll see a column for "Present ratio" with those numbers (staff:student).

You also have access to an "Expected weekly attendance" report that can be run (and exported) for the entire student roster, on a per-classroom basis, per-program, or a per-student basis. To run that report, click "Reports" in the menu, then select "Attendance," and finally select "Expected weekly attendance" from the "Report Type" drop-down menu. You can select the group to narrow down the results.

Note: This report is based on student schedules which you can learn more about here.

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