In order to charge multiple students the same charge at one time, click on "Billing" and then "Overview" from the Admin Dashboard. Once on the Overview page, click on "Create Charge" in the top right corner. This screen will bring you to your student roster. You can filter this by classroom by selecting the drop-down next to Class. This is useful if you’d like to charge an entire class the same amount at once. You can also use the Search functionality to search for specific students you want to charge. Select the checkbox next to a student’s name in order add them to the list of students to charge. As you select the checkbox, you will see the student’s name added to the Invoice Summary on the right hand side.

Once you hit Continue, you'll be able to select the items you'd like to charge the group of students for. You can select existing charges from the Item drop-down menu. The amount listed will be charged to each student. Please make sure that each student listed should be charged the same amount.

At the bottom of this page, you will decide how you would like the charges to be billed to the parents, whether all at once, in installments, or recurring. Once you hit continue, you will see one student's sample invoice.

Click "Create Charges" in the bottom right corner in order to add these charges to all of the student's ledgers. Parents will receive an email notification when the charges are created.

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