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Split Payments for siblings
Split Payments for siblings

Use the split payments feature to pay for multiple children at one time.

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Split payments allow you to pay for multiple students' charges with one transaction. Once charges have been added to both of your student's accounts, you can log into the Playground app and select the Payments tile.

The Payments Portal will show your total current balance for all students. From the Payment Portal screen, you'll be able to select if you'd like to enroll in autopay. Check out this article to learn more about autopay. You will also be able to select or add a payment method and view past statements. At the bottom of the Payment Portal screen, you can see an itemized list of charges that make up your current balance.

When you are ready to make the payment, click "Pay Now" under the current balance and due date at the top of the screen.

The Create Payment screen will show you itemized charges per student and their due dates. You will be able to enter an amount per student. Once completed, select your payment method and click "Review Payment" at the bottom.

You will be taken to the Confirm Payment screen where you can verify the amount of the payment you are submitting per student, any processing fees, the total, payment method and date. Once everything looks accurate, click the "Pay $ " button at the bottom of the screen.

The final screen of the split payments feature will show you a confirmation of the total amount you just paid.

If you click on the blue "Home" button, once you've completed your payment, you will be taken to the Payments Portal where you can see your new balance and the added activity at the bottom.

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