In order to accept a student that has applied to your listing, click on your listing from the Enrollment tab to open the enrollment board. You will see all of the students that have applied to your listing in the Applied column. Simply drag-and-drop the student's tile that you'd like to accept from the Applied column to the Accepted column.

The Accepted window will open once you've moved the student to the Accepted column. In this window, you will be able to confirm, edit or add the student's plan, start date, classroom, days they are accepted for and days they are waitlisted for.

In the Items section, the charges will auto-populate according to the plan that was selected by the guardian. The payment schedule will begin according to the start date selected. Click the gray square box underneath the amount in order to edit any part of the charge. Click the red trash icon in order to delete the charge. Click the "Add Item" button in order to add additional charges, either one time or recurring, to the student.

In order to see the specific recurring charges or installments, click the Edit item icon. The specific Item window will open allowing you to edit any of the following fields that create the payment schedule:

  • Item name: charge name listed on invoices to guardians

  • Price: amount of the charge

  • Discount: any deduction or credit that will reduce the price amount

  • Accounting code: optional

  • This charge should be: select if this charge should be a one time charge, recurring for a set number of times, or broken up into multiple installments

  • Duration: number of installments for recurring or installment charges

  • The first charge will be due: start date

Click "Save item" once completed.

On the right hand side, you'll see an Application Overview section where you can prioritize the student's acceptance, select if the student will receive a subsidy, edit the billing frequency and view the application. At the bottom of this section, you can see which required documents the guardian has Submitted or Not Started. The documents section populates directly from the documents you selected as required in the enrollment form. Once you've reviewed the application, charges, and want to accept the student, click "Save" in the top right corner of the screen.

You'll be taken back to the Enrollment funnel of the listing. You'll notice the student you just accepted is now in the Accepted column in yellow. If everything looks correct, click "Save Changes" in blue at the top of your screen to confirm the student's acceptance.

The automatic email will be sent once you confirm the student's enrollment. HERE is how to edit the automatic acceptance email.

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