Add a check in or out for today

If a parent forgets to check in their child and just left your center, the best way to get the attendance on record, with the parent's signature, is to send a contactless prompt directly to their phone.

If needed, you can adjust the specific time of the check in or out in the Admin Dashboard.

Add a check in or out for a previous day

If a student was not checked in or out for a previous day, you'll use the app to add a day. On the Playground app, click on "Roster" at the top to open your student roster. Find the student who is missing a day and click on their name. Click "Check-in" at the top of their Student profile. In the Select Guardians section select "Staff Member" unless you have the parent with you to sign on your device for the check in. Go through the check-in flow until you reach the signature page.

In the top right corner of the Signature screen, select the blue clock symbol with the current time listed. Adjust the date and time to the missing check in or out time and click the blue "Done" button. Sign and click "Submit".

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