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Common Playground terminology.

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Student: A child enrolled at your school

Guardian: A parent or caretaker of the child who has access to Playground. View the different guardian types HERE

Primary Guardian: A guardian that has the ability to check in and out, pay bills, complete documents, chat, and view the feed

Secondary guardian: A guardian that does not have access to anything other than pick up, drop off & some posts on the feed

Staff: Teachers or other center administrators with teacher-level access to Playground

Classroom: The primary plan or class the student is enrolled in. A student can only be enrolled into one classroom at a time

Program: An add-on or extracurricular activity that a student can be enrolled into in addition to their primary classroom. Students can be enrolled into more than one program at a time. Examples include hot lunch, soccer, after-school care.

Ratio: The number of students to teachers in a classroom

QR Code: Your center's specific square image that is used for student and staff check in and out. There is also a QR code created for each listing

Immunizations: A tab on the student's profile page where admins and guardians can keep track of a student's shot records according to CDC guidelines


Debit: A charge from the center to the parent that increases the student's balance

Credit: A payment from a parent to the center that decreases the student's balance. This can also be a discount or subsidy entered on the student's account

Offline Payment: Any payment not made through Playground app. Examples include cash or check


Listing: An enrollment application to your school or a specific session at your school, like summer camp. You can create multiple listings for your center. Parents use the listing link or QR code to apply to your center

Enrollment Funnel: The 5-column screen that allows you to manage a specific listing's applicants

Enrollment Form: The questions a family must complete in order to apply to your center

Plan: A tuition option that a family selects to enroll into. Each plan should be differentiated by price or student-type. Examples include Toddler 3-Day or Full Time Program

Applied: An enrollment funnel status that means the student has submitted an application for enrollment to your listing

Waitlisted: An enrollment funnel status that means the student is not accepted immediately but may be accepted should space open up at your center

Accepted: An enrollment funnel status that means the student has been enrolled at your center

Rejected: An enrollment funnel status that means the student has not been accepted to the school

Dropped: An enrollment funnel status that means the student is no longer interested, accepted but decided not to attend, or applied to the wrong center/program


Paperwork: A tab of the Admin Dashboard that includes both documents and file requests

Documents: PDF files that either need to be filled out or simply shared with your families

File Requests: An upload-only document type


Feed: A section on web or app to post announcements and activities to the parents. This is the home screen when an admin, staff, or parent open the Playground app.

Post: A message on the Playground feed

Announcement: A post type that is also able to be sent to guardians as an email

Chat: A feature that allows one-on-one communication between admins, teachers, and parents. Group chats can also be created for a specific set of users to be able to communicate with each other

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