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A description of each of our Payments reports.

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From the Admin Dashboard, navigate to the Reports tab on the left hand side and select the Payments tile. Each report can be sorted by column header by clicking on the header name. To view the report, simply click "Generate Report" on the right side when all of the report's parameters are set. Each report can be exported to CSV or printed by using the blue buttons in the top right of the report after it has been generated. Below is a summary of each Report Types.

Accounts receivable aging

The Accounts receivable aging report lists the amount of money that is owed per student and how late that payment is. Amounts owed are categorized by if they were due 0-30 days ago, 30-60 days ago, 60-90 days ago, or 90+ days. 0-30 days indicates the money may not be overdue yet. This report can be generated for All students, per classroom, or for a single student.


The Deposits report lists all cash and checks that are to be deposited into the bank for a given date range. "Other" includes all other offline payments.

Grouped transactions

The Grouped transactions report shows the amount of money billed and paid for each transaction item type. The Item types are pulled from your list of Saved items at the bottom of the Billing > Overview tab.


When generating this report, it will download a CSV file with every single transaction, this includes all charges and payments made. Any column header with an ID is a Playground internal code. Account codes can be customized under Settings > Payments in the Admin Dashboard. The Fee column of this report refers to the Playground processing fees. If you entered an offline payment, you'll see the Type of payment made in the far right column.

Payment methods

The Payment methods report lists the payment methods in Playground per student. This report will let you know how many payment methods the student has on file, if the guardians have enabled autopay, the default payment method if there is more than one payment method on file, and the expiration date of the payment method. If a student has more than one payment method, they will only be listed once on this report with the default payment method. To view the student's alternative payment methods, you will need to go to the student's Payment tab on their profile.

Revenue source

The Revenue source report groups the amount of money processed by each payment source per student, for a specific time period. The column headers across the top show each unique payment source with a total amount to the very right.

Revenue summary

The Revenue summary report will download a CSV file to your computer for the specified date range. This report has three main sections: Revenue, Credit, and Payment. Each section has categories listed underneath with a total of the section at the bottom. The Revenue section shows all sources of income per item type. These item types can be found in your Saved items list under Billing > Overview. The Credit section shows any credits recorded for students using the "Add credit" button. The Credit section does not include discounts. The Payment section includes all Offline payments itemized by payment type. This report


The Transactions report shows which charges have been paid off for a particular date range. The report shows three different dates:

  • Invoice date: date the charge was posted to guardians

  • Due date: date the charge is due from the guardians

  • Paid date: date the payment was made

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