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Add your center's information on an enrollment listing.

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The first page of creating a listing is the Center details page. Here you'll enter general information about your center. You'll be able to see this page just as it will be visible to parents.


The About section is a required field. Provide a brief description of your center here.

Center Contact Information

  • Primary button text

    • This will be the button guardians press in order to apply to your center

  • Website

  • Phone (required)

  • Email (required)

  • Program address

    • Select the checkbox below the address if you'd like the street address to be hidden from the listing. The city, state, zip code will be visible.

    • City and State are required fields


All fields in the Basics section are optional. Any field that is left blank will not show up on your Enrollment Listing.

  • Days of the week your center is open

  • Languages

  • Meals provided

  • Religious affiliation

  • Session dates

    • Select the check box underneath the dates that states "Hide dates for families" if your program runs year round

  • Staff to student ration

  • Curriculum

  • Potty training required

  • # of snacks provided

  • If subsidized care is accepted

Typical day

Add a standard schedule for a day at your center. Click the "Add activity" button to add a new item to your schedule.


Add your licensing number.


Provide a description of your center's philosophy and curriculum.

Admission Process

Let parents know the exact steps they will walk through in order to apply to your center. Include next steps after applying to your center.

Password Protection

An optional password that parents must enter to apply to your center. This password is not encrypted.

Family Handbook

Upload a Student Handbook to share with families while they apply to your center.

Once you've completed this page, click "Next: Pricing" in the top right corner of the screen. You can come back to or add to this page at any point in time by editing your listing. Be sure to click "Save an exit" in the top right to save your work anytime you make an edit.

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