Enrollment plans

Create price points for specific schedules or groups of students for guardians to apply to.

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On the Pricing page of creating or editing your Enrollment listing, you'll begin by creating your plans. A plan is a schedule or specific group of students with a unique price point. When enrolling a student, a family can only apply to one plan per student. There is no limit to the number of plans you can create. Plans will automatically be added to your Saved items section under Billing > Overview. Plans can be grouped together to categorize your pricing options.

Click the "Add plan" tile to create a new plan. In the Create new plan window, add a unique plan name, description, price, and billing frequency. Common plans are Infants Half Day, Infants Full Day, Toddler Half Day, and Toddler Full Day.

If families have the option of which days they'd like their student to attend your center, for example, only Monday, Tuesdays, and Wednesday, select the radio button for "Yes, select days". Select the number of days a family is able to select per week in the How many days drop-down. This will allow families to specify which days their student will attend from your full schedule. Click the blue "Submit" button in the bottom right when you've finished creating your plan.

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