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Filter your students to see a specific group.

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On the Admin Dashboard

Login to the Admin Dashboard and navigate to the Students tab from the left side. Click the Filters button on the right hand side above the roster table. Select what you'd like to filter your roster by.

There are three options to filter by on the Admin Dashboard:

  • Classrooms: select all, one or multiple classrooms

  • Status: select active, inactive, or all students. If you cannot see a student you added to the dashboard previously, they are probably in the Inactive status section

  • Programs: select all, one or multiple programs

Make sure the filter options you select have a checkmark to the left of them. Once all filters are selected, click the blue "Done" button. Filters can be stacked, meaning you can filter by classrooms, status, and programs at the same time.

On the Playground app

Open the Playground app and tap the Roster icon at the top. Scroll to see the the different options of filters you can select:

  • Classrooms: select all, one or multiple classrooms

  • Attendance: see students who are checked-in, checked-out, or all students

  • Wellness: select to see students who are healthy, risky, incomplete, temperature recorded or not based on the Wellness completed at check-in

  • Locked: select locked or unlocked students

  • Schedule: select to see only those students scheduled or not scheduled for today

  • Program enrollments: select specific programs to see who's enrolled for the day

Filters can be stacked, meaning you can have multiple filters enabled at the same time. As seen in the image above, the roster is filtered by both the Rockets classroom and who is check-in for the day. This feature works well when using Toggle Quick Sign or to view which students are still checked in/out for the day.

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