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Changing a billing plan in the middle of the year
Changing a billing plan in the middle of the year
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From the Admin Dashboard, click on the specific student you'd like to edit the billing plan for. Once on their profile, click on the Payments tab at the top and scroll down to see the student's debits/charges.

Click on the billing plan line item to view each individual installment. You'll be able to see which installments have been paid, coming due, overdue, or are unposted.

Edit Installments

Click "Edit" to the right of any individual installment to edit the amount of the installment or add a discount. Item names cannot be edited. Each installment will need to be edited individually so this option works well if you only have a few installments to alter.

Delete Installments

If there are a lot of installments that need to be edited or deleted moving forward, it is best to delete the future installments in the existing billing plan. Click the red trash bin icon to the right of the next installment that is coming due.

Two options will appear to delete the installments

  • "Delete single installment"

  • "Delete all installments after".

In the example above, selecting "Delete single installment" will only delete the installment that is due on Sept 1, 2022. By selecting "Delete all installments after", the three installments due Sept 1, Oct 1, and Nov 1 will be deleted.

Once future installments in the payment plan are deleted, you can create brand new charges for future installments.

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