Iowa Home Child Care Onboarding
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Create a school

Start by creating your center HERE. Once you've entered the required information, you'll be able to login to your newly created Admin Dashboard. The Admin Dashboard is your Playground control center. Only admins at your center will have the full access to the Admin Dashboard.

We recommend bookmarking the following website to a Chrome or Safari window so you always have access to Playground:

Set up your center

  • Create a classroom - if your center does not have classrooms, simply create one that is called your center's name

  • Invite Guardians - This is the most important step in setting up your dashboard! Playground is most useful when parents engage with it. Feel free to use the intro email to give parents a heads-up about the switch to Playground and then invite them to create an account. It is best to send out invitations at least a week prior to the date you plan to start checking students in and out

  • Sign up for Playground billing so you can begin charging parents and collecting payments

  • Check the General and Payment settings

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