Balance adjustments

Adjust balances within a family if one sibling is overpaid and one is overdue.

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If parents have made a payment for multiple siblings on one student's account, this will cause one student to show overpaid and the other student to show overdue. All charges in Playground are entered per student, not per family so guardians should pay accordingly.

Add a Balance adjustment debit or charge to the student who has all the payments made on their account (overpaid student) and then add Balance adjustment credit or payment for the same amount to the student who has no payments recorded (overdue student).


Student 1 balance: $-1000 (overpaid)

Student 2 balance: $1000 (overdue)

Add $1000 debit to Student 1

New Student 1 balance: $0

Add $1000 credit to Student 2

New Student 2 balance: $0

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