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Set up summer camp enrollment
Set up summer camp enrollment
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From the Admin Dashboard, click on the Enrollment tab from the left hand side. Start by creating a brand new listing.

Adding a Start date and End date are required for Summer camp listings. Click the "Blacklisted days" button in order to remove specific days, like July 4th, when camp will be closed.

When creating Plans, click the "Enrollment model" drop-down and select the "Specific dates" option.

The Summer camp enrollment plan type will now appear. First select if you are charging a specific rate per day or per week. If you select a Per day rate, next select whether it is a Flat rate per day like $10 per day of summer camp for any amount of days OR select the Variable rate per day where the rate changes depending on the number of days per week a student selects.

If your camp charges a flat rate per week of Summer camp, select the "Per week" option an enter in the Flat rate per week.

Once you've completed setting up all plans, continue to the next page to add any additional charges, like an application fee and Add-ons. Lastly, create your application questions.

Publish your listing once you've completed creating it and share the link with families and prospects!

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