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How to make discounts on enrollment
How to make discounts on enrollment

Navigate fees and discounts on your enrollment dashboard

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Customize fees by clicking Enrollment on the left side of the admin dashboard and then choose which listing you wish to edit.

Next, click Actions on the right, and then Edit Listing.

The "Next: Pricing" tab at the top right will take you through Plans & Pricing, followed by "Additional Charges". Click additional Charges to view this page:

Click "+ Add new fee" and fill in the required information. Under Fee type you can determine the charge as an Acceptance fee, Application fee, or Tuition deposit depending on the categorization.

After you select the Fee type, select "Add new discount" in blue underneath Fee type.

Now you can provide parents with a promotion code (promo code) to use for the discount before they enroll at your center. You also have the option to give them a flat amount discount or a percentage discount off their total.

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