Failed payments

View payments that have failed to process.

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View Failed Payments

To view failed payments, log in to your Playground guardian account and navigate to the Billing tab to access your Billing dashboard. From the Billing dashboard, you are also able to add, set, schedule, and make a new payment to cover any failed transactions.

When on the Billing dashboard, scroll down the page to the Transaction history. You will want to select the "Credits" option to view your payments. You can view additional information regarding the payment such as the status and which payment method was used.

Playground policy for disputed and failed payments

For any disputed payments, the payment method will be removed and autopay will be disabled. The payment method used for the dispute can no longer be re-added or charged.

Guardian ACH payment methods that fail twice with the same ACH account will be removed, and the guardian will need to re-add it. Autopay will also be disabled and the guardian will receive an email telling them their payment method was removed. They can re-add the same payment method after resolving the issue, and this removal does not apply to failed card payments.

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