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Edit the plan a student enrolled in
Edit the plan a student enrolled in

Change the original plan the guardian enrolled their student into.

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If a guardian enrolled their student into an incorrect plan or has changed their mind about the plan they originally selected, the Administrator can change the plan when accepting the student through the enrollment funnel. Parent can never edit their plan after submitting the application.

Click on the listing from the Enrollment tab. Drag-and-drop the student to the Accepted column. Click the Plan drop-down field and click on the correct plan. The billing will update to correspond to the new plan selected.

If the student has already been accepted, you cannot change the plan that is listed with this application. The main item that will need to be edited is the billing associated to the incorrect plan. Navigate to the student's Payments tab and delete out the charges associated with the incorrect plan. Next, add in a new payment plan manually that corresponds to the new plan the student would like to enroll in.

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