Autopay failure

Understand why an autopay payment did not go through.

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There are a multiple reasons on why autopay can fail, and we will explore all of them below.

Inactive students

No payments will be triggered for inactive students. When a student is marked as "Inactive", all of their upcoming payments will not process automatically. Although a balance will continue to accrue on the student's ledger if the payment plan or charge is not deleted, the system will not process the remaining balance on the profile.

No balance

Autopay will not be able to process for any students without a payment plan or charge in place regardless of a saved payment method on the student's profile. A payment plan or charge will have to be created in order for autopay to run.

Created charges after autopay

If a charge is created after the set due date found in your Payment Settings, autopay will not run retroactively. These new charges will be included in the balance on the next payment cycle.

No autopay enabled

To confirm if a student has autopay enabled on their saved payment method, click on the Students tab nestled under My School. You will want to search for the student and click into their profile. Click on "Payments" and scroll to the bottom of the page to the Payment methods section. You will be able to view any saved payments and if those payments are set up for autopay.

If your center does not have mandatory autopay enabled, you can request autopay from guardians on a case-by-case basis.

No payment method

By following the steps outlined in the above section, you will also be able to view if there is no saved payment method on file for the student in the Payment methods section of their profile.

If a guardian reaches out to provide payment information over the phone or via email, you can enter this directly into the student's account by following the steps outlined in this article.

Payment method fail

Autopay will not be able to capture any funds if the payment method on file for the student fails or declines. To view more information on failed payments, click on the Billing tab and click on Transactions. From the Transactions menu, you'll want to click on "Credits". The Credits tab allows you to see more detailed information regarding the payment at a quick glance. You can use the different columns on this page to view the payment type, payment status, and more information about the specific payment by clicking the ellipsis(. . .) next to the payment.

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