Split family

How to group guardians together and charge each group separately.

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How to split a family

Navigate to the Students tab and click on the student who's family you wish to split. You will want to navigate to the Settings tab within the student's profile.

Scroll down the Settings tab until you see the Account section. The second option under Account is the Split family button.

Click on "Split family", and you will notice a new window pop up that is titled Split Family. You now have the option of splitting the family into two groups. Label the groups and proceed to separate the guardians into a group.

Once you have confirmed you have correctly split the family, you can then click on the red "Split family" button. The student will now reflect a split family on their profile.

How to charge a split family

You can follow the same steps outlined in our article on how to create charges to create a charge for one of the groups. On the Create a new payment window and Create debits page, you will now have the option to charge by guardian group.

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