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Mark a check payment as deposited
Mark a check payment as deposited

Record your offline check payments, past and present, as deposited.

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Offline payment status

Offline payments can be recorded as undeposited(und) or deposited(dep) on your Credit Transactions tab.

Record an offline payment as deposited

Navigate to the Billing tab and click on Transactions from the Billing submenu. You will want to click on "Credits" to view payments made by guardians or recorded by you.

From the Credit Transactions tab, you will navigate and click on the blue button on the right-hand side of your screen that reads as Actions. Click on "Actions" and select the option "Add offline payment".

Clicking on "Add offline payment" will bring up the Record offline payment window. You will want to complete this window ensuring that you click the checkbox that reads as "Deposited".

Once you have completed the Record offline payment window and have clicked the blue "Record payment" button, you will see your new offline payment reflected in your Credit Transactions.

Update a past offline payment to reflect as deposited

Navigate to the Credit Transactions tab in the Transactions dashboard in your Billing section. Click on the ellipsis (. . .) next to the offline payment you wish to mark as deposited.

Click the "Deposited" checkbox and enter the Deposit date. Click "Save". You will now see your recorded offline payment update from undeposited(und) to deposited(dep).

Record offline payments as deposited in bulk

Click on the blue "Actions" button to open the dropdown menu. You will want to click "Mark deposited".

The Mark checks as deposited window will populate on your screen, and you will be able to search for, and select, which ever student payment(s) you need to update. Click "Save" to confirm.

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