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Prorating charges on billing plans

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Proration on Playground

Playground prorates from first day of service to last day of service, inclusive of both first and last day of service, divided by total days in the month for the Due Date. Some examples of this are:

  • If the service dates for the charge are September 16 through September 30th, then that would be a total of 15 days of service. The platform will divide by 30, the amount of days in September, leading to a calculation of 15 divided by 30 which is a 50% proration

  • If the service dates for the charge are October 2nd through October 31st, then that would be a total of 30 days of service. The platform will divide that by 31, the amount of 31 days in October, leading to a calculation of 30 divided by 31 which is an estimated 96.77% proration

Prorating created charges

When creating a charge, you will notice the service dates in blue under the line items for your created charge. You can click on the blue service dates to adjust the dates for service which allow for proration.

In the following example, we'll be prorating the first and last charges because this student is starting on the 15th of September, and the last payment is due on the 15th of May next year. We don't want to charge them for the full month if there were no services rendered for those times.

When you have updated the dates to reflect the proper dates for service, you'll see a "Prorate" option populate next to the service dates.

You will want to repeat the steps above to ensure the final payment is also prorated.

Once you have completed the service dates you need prorated, it should look similar to the below. You'll notice the dates we have prorated are clearly visible with the blue checkmark and the updated, prorated fee.

Click on "Save item" and progress through the Create charges modal to confirm the new debits. You should be all set!

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