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Jan 22, 2024 | Staff Paperwork Overview, Close Out Books, and Camp Enrollment Support
Jan 22, 2024 | Staff Paperwork Overview, Close Out Books, and Camp Enrollment Support

Improvements for managing paperwork, closing your books, and summer camp among the releases this week!

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Staff paperwork is now much easier to see who has completed what paperwork and what's left to get done with the staff paperwork overview.

We also added the ability to "Close out" your books and ensure that all old payments and charges are frozen in time.

Playground also added support for day-by-day and week-by-week camp enrollment support, making it significantly easier to set up camp enrollment listings and enroll in specific days

Finally, our team has continued to make progress on payroll! Please sign up for our waitlist if you'd like first access.


  • Added staff overview for paperwork

  • Able to “close out” books for billing

  • Camp enrollment support — families can now select specific days for care


  • Able to collapse feed posts on the mobile app

  • Document expiration now goes to 5 years

  • Staff hours improvements

  • Managing multiple student paperwork is now much easier as a parent

  • Improvements to emergency contact report

  • Additional biweekly billing support

  • Improved payment editing history

  • Improved overages fee approvals

  • Able to delete enterprise roles

  • Added programs to enterprise student reports

  • Expenses reports now show taxable amounts on export

  • Ability to turn off check support at the school level

  • Added tablespoon to food quantity

  • Enterprise metadata modal for updating info

  • Able to test notifications on your mobile device

  • Student applications are sortable by newest


  • Fixed bug with chatting with yourself

  • Fixed issue with custom posts custom icons

  • Added breadcrumbs and navigation to pages missing it

  • Fixed issue with editing paperwork on enterprise

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