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Feb 12, 2024 | Media Gallery, White Labeled Emails, and Enterprise Roster Upload
Feb 12, 2024 | Media Gallery, White Labeled Emails, and Enterprise Roster Upload

Media gallery on web, more payroll work, and white label additions

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There was a lot of progress made on our payroll functionality, and we are going to be expanding our beta in the next couple of weeks. Make sure to join the waitlist to get early access to our new product!

We added more support for our enterprise and white label customers this week with enterprise roster uploads across all locations and white label'd emails with your logo attached.

There was also a large list of updates and improvements across many features including attendance, billing, and family engagement.

This week includes 3 releases, 14 improvements, 2 fixes


  • Added media gallery on the feed for photos to the website dashboard

  • Customers with the branded experience package now have their emails branded as well

  • Added support for enterprise roster upload


  • Added guardian address to all guardian tables

  • Added signature timestamps to forms

  • Parents are now able to add date range to statements

  • Emergency reports now have more info

  • Schedules table now shows days of the week

  • Quicker recipient editing

  • Improved time and attendance integration

  • Added much more helper info when dropping or graduating students

  • Kiosk signatures now support program check-in

  • Improved paperwork on student profile

  • Can now see which payout a specific transaction is in

  • Faster to log in to Playground

  • Signing students in and checking them into programs sped up

  • After disabling a student, you will now be asked to edit their billing and schedules


  • Hidden students no longer show up in chat suggestions

  • Removed actions that do not change anything from student profile

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