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Feb 19, 2024 | Before and After School Care Enrollment, Multiple Discounts, and Pre-filled Guardians on Enrollment
Feb 19, 2024 | Before and After School Care Enrollment, Multiple Discounts, and Pre-filled Guardians on Enrollment

Before and after school care enrollment support along with multiple discounts and more streamlined enrollment

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This week, we are hard at work putting the finishing polish on our payroll. We are taking additional names off of the payroll waitlist each week now, so please sign up for our waitlist to get early access!

We are also going to be launching mileage tracking for family child care businesses to keep track of their driving and expenses. Please let us know if you'd like to beta the new feature.

Enrolling additional students and re-enrolling students just got a lot faster — guardians can now be searched for to make filling out documents significantly quicker.

We also added the ability to have multiple discounts per charge. This means you can discount without having to add separate credits on the students account, and reporting is made much easier.

We also launched before and afterschool enrollment support. This allows families to choose specific days of the week for the entire session, making it much easier to allow parents to mix and match days of the week they want for their students.

This week included 3 releases, 7 improvements, 4 fixes


  • When enrolling a second student or re-enrolling the same student, you can now search for existing guardians

  • Able to have multiple discounts on debits

  • Added before/after school enrollment, select specific days of the week


  • Able to sort your centers on enterprise dashboard

  • Added lesson plan approval permission

  • Subsidies have now been enteprise'd

  • Added update only mode to roster upload — select which fields to add during an import

  • Able to duplicate a subsidy deposit to remember previous values

  • Able to edit document expiration dates

  • Large performance improvements to enterprise reporting


  • Fix document URL links

  • Fixed enterprise homepage if no data

  • Fixed issue with saving on split family modal

  • Fixed multiple discounts when accepting a student on enrollment

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