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Mar 4, 2024 | Menus & Lesson Plan Printouts, and On My Way Queue Notifications
Mar 4, 2024 | Menus & Lesson Plan Printouts, and On My Way Queue Notifications

2 releases, 18 improvements, 4 fixes in this week's changelog

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This week's updates focus heavily on enrollment, staff hour tracking, and expenses. We want to ensure that your enrollment listings are as customizable as needed to ensure a success enrollment period, and tax season is underway, so we've been adding improvements to managing expenses and reporting for tax purposes.

In anticipation of a larger payroll launch, we have also been adding a bunch of new and improved functionality around tracking staff hours and managing staff information.

As always, there are also plenty of new updates for our payroll product! Please sign up for our waitlist to get early access as more providers are getting off the list each week!


  • Lesson plans and menus can now be printed out on a designed page to share with families

  • On my way queue now supports push notifications


  • Able to select default classrooms on enrollment plans

  • Improved rich text previews on mobile app

  • Able to edit staff directly from their profile

  • Able to color calendar events

  • Guardians now receive receipts from Playground for all charges

  • Improved KinderTrack onboarding flow

  • Improved rich text editing

  • Improved the create school flow

  • Improved mobile expenses

  • Staff can view todays hours on their device by check in

  • Separate out inactive programs on all filters

  • Improved billing items on enrollment

  • Able to add accounting codes for custom fees on enrollment

  • Improved terms of service and privacy policy pages

  • Improvements to add expense flow

  • Able to filter expenses table based on category and time

  • More customization on editing emails

  • Added device orientation lock


  • A bunch of small fixes and tweaks to before/after school care enrollment

  • Fixed file previews for new document types

  • Fix timing issue on food program report

  • Fixed bug with adding many enterprise staff at once

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