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Mar 11, 2024 | New Email, Monthly Before/After Support, & Contractor Payments
Mar 11, 2024 | New Email, Monthly Before/After Support, & Contractor Payments

3 releases, 16 improvements, 4 fixes in this week's launch

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Playground emails became a lot more fun! All emails being sent out from Playground got a revamp and include a lot more color and style. This should make the emails stand out and look more professional.

After a very warm reception to enrollment support for before and after school care, we also added support for monthly billing options. We are constantly making our enrollment more flexible. Please let us know what else you'd like to see.

Playground payroll now supports contractor payments. Playground will generate 1099s and manage contractors directly on the platform. If you are interested in Playground Payroll, please sign up for our waitlist to get early access as more providers are getting off the list each week!


  • Brand new email designs for all of Playground’s emails

  • Able to bill monthly for before and after care in addition to weekly

  • Payroll now supports contractors


  • Schedule screen will now show total number of schedules for the day

  • Emails send-out delay has been reduced to near instant

  • Improved media gallery attachment viewing

  • Schedules now have current classroom and schedule classroom filters

  • Able to remove tags from staff

  • Plans save more frequently now, so you will not lose progress while creating enrollment listings

  • Improved Playground receipts to parents

  • Added many new payroll emails for different events

  • Added admin login report

  • Added staff current day hours to time tracker

  • Much faster reporting for enterprise has begun rollout

  • Able to clone transactional emails across your enterprise

  • Parents can no longer delete their own applications

  • Improved copy throughout enrollment

  • Improved kiosk scan experience

  • Added Cognitive ToyBox exports


  • Tags are now removed when deleting a school from your dashboard

  • Fixed a bug with viewing forms with very long question titles

  • Fixed calendar roles on mobile

  • Fixed add student modal sometimes not letting you through if existing account number

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