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How to refund a guardianRefund a parent or guardian for a payment they've made.
Set payout datesSet the dates you'd like Playground to initiate payments to your bank account.
CACFPUse Playground's powerful tools to provide the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) with what they need.
Subsidies FAQ
Generate a statement or invoice for familiesProduce a statement for families to see their balance and past transactions.
SubsidiesTrack and manage subsidy checks received and amounts distributed to students.
Disable autopayDisable autopay for a parent that is currently enabled.
Save as a new item on statement while making a paymentDo two actions in one by saving a new item on statement while recording a payment.
Schedule a paymentSchedule a future payment for a student.
Add a guardian's credit card to their accountAdd a guardian's credit card through the Admin Dashboard.
Accepting paymentsThe different methods of making payments in Playground.
Request autopay from guardiansSend an email to primary guardians to request they enable autopay.
PayoutsView payouts to your bank account.
Amount unpostedWhat the amount unposted means and how to adjust it on the student's Payment tab
Payment SettingsA walkthrough of the Playground Payment Settings
Adding a new parent payment card from the Administrator dashboardHow to manually add a credit or debit card to a student's record
Meal items
Record an offline expenseTrack expenses or charges made outside of Playground.
Edit an expenseUpdate an expense that was previously recorded.
View failed paymentsView all failed payments from guardians and their students.
Saved discountView, edit, and create saved discounts.
Optimize payout daysSet specific payout days in order to be paid out as soon as possible.
Guardian payment methodsHow to see the saved payment methods on student profiles
Check deposits reportRun a report to view all deposited checks into your bank account for a given date range.
Mark a check payment as depositedRecord your offline check payments, past and present, as deposited.
Payment update historyHow to view historical information about specific payments.
How to Enable ACH on StripeLearn how to enable ACH through Stripe to collect ACH payments
Autopay failureUnderstand why an autopay payment did not go through.
Processing feesAn explanation of the transaction fees that apply to payments collected by credit, debit, or ACH through Playground's Payments feature.
Payments overview for administratorsAn overview of how payments work through Playground, featuring links to additional resources and Help Center articles.
How to add or edit a discountA guide to adding or editing discounts on one-time charges or payment plans invoiced to a student balance.
How to apply a discount when creating chargesA guide to applying discounts on one-time charges or payment plans invoiced to a student balance.
How to fix an incorrect chargeA primer on three different methods to fixing an invoiced charge, and why we don't recommend deleting charges.
How to record an offline paymentA guide to recording payments that aren't processed by debit, credit, or ACH through Playground's Payments feature.
How to apply a creditA guide to applying a credit to a student balance from the Administrator Dashboard.
Edit or delete a saved charge templateManage saved item templates on the Administrator Dashboard.
How to edit a payment planA guide to editing a payment plan that has been invoiced to a student.
How to edit a one-time chargeA guide to editing a one-time charge that has been invoiced to a student.
How to create chargesUsing recurring charges allows you to automate weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly charges to your guardians.
How to create a one-time chargeThrough the administrator dashboard, create a one-time charge to add to a student's balance.
Setting up payments for your schoolVerify your business with Stripe to start collecting payments on Playground
Late fee charges for overdue paymentsCreate late fees to charge guardians for overdue payments
Add offline depositRecord bulk offline payments.
Filter transactions by statusFilter your payments by status to see which have been paid, processing, or failed.