Predictive enrollment

View utilization rates, open and filled seats, and classroom capacity for enrollment

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Plan for classroom capacity

Predictive enrollment allows you to plan ahead for the year taking the capacity of your classrooms into consideration. You will be able to view utilization rates along with the number of open seats at a quick glance. To locate the Classroom Capacity Planning dashboard, you'll want to click on Scheduling then on Classrooms.

View conflicts and additional student data for a classroom

Each created classroom will have a dropdown that allows for viewing of the current students and any future students that will transfer out of that classroom. For this example we will be using the Bunnies classroom.

Clicking on the dropdown arrow next to the classroom will allow you to view all of the current students and those transferring out. You'll also be able to view the student's date of birth and their schedule if one has been added.

Changing the date at the top of the page allows you to view the future days for that classroom. In the example photo above, we see that Max Smith is switching out of this classroom on the 27th. Lets update the date to the 27th to see how the Bunnies classroom capacity is reflecting.

We can see that Max Smith what was under Alice and above Beny in the previous example is no longer listed for this classroom due to the classroom switch.

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