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Record a lesson activity through an observation post
Record a lesson activity through an observation post
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From the Admin or Teacher app, tab the "New post" button in the top right corner. Select the Observation post type. Tap to select the specific students or classroom that were included in the lesson activity and then tap "Next" in the top right corner. Tap the "Select an activity" button at the top of the screen. The Lesson activities for today's date will appear. You can toggle to other days if needed. Select the lesson activity you'd like to record. Next, record Milestones that are achieved with this lesson activity per student by tapping "Tap to edit milestones". Tap the checkmarks to the right of the milestones that were achieved.

Once the milestones are added, select a Rating per milestone from the following options:

  • Almost Never

  • Rarely

  • Occasionally

  • Frequently

  • Almost always

If you have "Record individual details" activated at the top, you can select a rating per student. If not, you can select a general rating for all students. Add any additional notes per student or a general post at in the text fields. Feel free to edit the date or specific time that the lesson activity occurred. Once your post is completed, tap "Post" in the top right corner.

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